Balance The Mind and Body With PILATES

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"10レッスンで違いを感じ、20レッスンで見た目が良くなり、30レッスンで完全に新しい身体に生まれ変わるでしょう"-Joseph Pilates












~ Beautiful posture and balanced body~

"You will feel a difference in 10 lessons, 20 lessons will improve your appearance, 30 lessons will be completely reborn into a new body" - Joseph Pilates

Pilates is an exercise aiming for harmony.

Pilates is a program that focuses on the awareness inside the body and improves flexibility, coordination, mobility, stability for the body to function best. It trains the muscular strength of the body core. It is an exercise aiming to create a balanced body line and to balance the mind and body.

All exercise emphasizes "breathing" and naturally works on the inner side of the mind and body. Using breathing, moving the whole body in a well-balanced manner creates a strong core and arranges the body line. It is also a wonderful way to strengthen the mind and body more effectively. By raising the quality of breathing and the quality of movement, the quality of life will improve as well.

Pilates benefits

* Physical health

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  • Posture improvement
  • Improvement of distortion
  • Relieve back pain, stiff shoulder
  • Enhance core
  • Improved flexibility
  • Constitution improvement
  • Strength improvement
  • Blood circulation promotion
  • Improve immunity
  • Improvement of fat burning power
  • Reduce stress

* Aesthetic

  • Size down
  • Style improvement
  • Reduce stress
  • Rehabilitation and prevention of injuries
  • Improve performance such as sports


Difference between Yoga and Pilates

Pilates has a systematic part with reference to yoga, but its characteristics are different. Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching, strengthening muscular strength.
Pilates strengthens the muscles of the trunk (inner muscle) while conscious of breathing and the correct alignment.

History of Pilates

Pilates was invented by German nurse Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and started for the purpose of rehabilitation and conditioning.
Joseph named "Controlology", but now it is commonly known as his name, Pilates.

Today's Pilates

Hollywood actress and others are popular not only for those seeking a beautiful body, but also from osteopaths, chiropractitioners and surgeons, they are highly regarded as safe and very effective exercises. It is becoming a topic in terms of shortening of rehabilitation time, improvement of function, exercise for early detection and prevention of injuries, and the number of places where we are incorporating is increasing.

Heart and body connection

Pilates is a holistic method that incorporates both Oriental and Western ideals (a way to capture human beings throughout the mind and body and to use the natural healing power that they originally have).

3 points of Pilates

  1.  Body alignment
  2.  Respiration
  3.  Power House ( Center)

Slim and Toned Body

Pilates strengthens muscles and makes muscle shapes beautifully float. Unlike many other exercises targeting muscles on the surface of the body (outer muscle), Pilates moves a deeper portion of the muscle (deep muscles = inner muscle) so you can do a balanced whole body exercise. Pilates is aware that working muscles for a long time, the line of the body is clean and neat.

Posture and Health

Posture is closely affecting health. Pilates exercises will stabilize the body by correcting muscle imbalance and muscle imbalance caused by bad posture, bad habits in daily life, injuries and other causes. When the spinal column is strong, flexible and straightened straight a sense of balance improves, the whole body becomes strong. Not only the muscles, but also the entire body such as internal organs / nerves / brains are activated.

8principles of Pilates exercise

  1. Breathing
  2. Concentration    
  3. Centring      
  4. Control       
  5. Precision      
  6. Flow  
  7. Imagination
  8. Routine 

Pilates emphasizes the quality of movement, not repeating simple motions.

Linking Principles

While thinking Pilates with your head, you learn how to move your muscles. It seems difficult at first to learn to move your body as you want, but we will guide you to master the principle one by one. By concentrating valuable time only on your body for your precious self, it will be a great time mentally. And naturally I learn this principle as a habit.

~ Movement of Pilates ~

Most of the exercises performed in Pilates focus on the movement of the spine (backbone) and pelvis, with emphasis on aligning with pilates's unique breathing method, (chest lateral breathing) . By combining "right way of moving" and "pilates breathing", we will strengthen inner muscle.

* Alignment is: skeletal arrangement (related to regular connection of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments)

Improve quality of life

The quality of life will improve as the quality of movement and breathing rise. Pilates is a very unique exercise to enjoy your new discoveries. You can have a feeling of exhilaration, fulfilment, full of energy and confidence.

With each pilates exercise, it brings a fresh sense, "awareness" and "new discovery". It also has a relaxing effect so it will lead you to the best feeling.

In Pilates Kaori’s Lesson we will provide various images to improve the effect. By taking in the image that fits yourself, that image leads to better results.