Pilates Instructor teaching in native Japanese & English
Core conditioning trainer
Reiki teacher

Holistic practitioner in Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowls

Kaori grew up in Yokohama, Japan. With a successful career in Sales and office administration roles for global companies in Tokyo Kaori’s growing interest in health, beauty, fitness and spiritual awareness began to take over, leading her to train, study and develop her passion so that she could share with others.  In 2002 Kaori studied the Joseph Pilates health philosophy and became a fully qualified FTP Pilates trainer in Feb 2003. During the next five years she taught Pilates at more than ten different fitness centres across Tokyo teaching up to 35 classes per week ranging from a few students to classes of over forty plus students. 

Kaori opened her own studio within walking distance of Tokyo tower in Kamiyacho in 2005 and it quickly became the No.1 pilates centre in Tokyo with more than 600 members. During this time Kaori appeared in more than 20 fashion & health magazines in Japan featuring Pilates and released her own Pilates DVD. Kaori also studied with the Japan core conditioning association of Japan and introduced these techniques into her original pilates program

In 2008 Kaori moved to Singapore and started Pilates Kaori Singapore (Pte) ltd. Kaori continued to teach pilates and core conditioning programs for individuals, groups and companies in Singapore. She introduced an original “posture improvement and beautiful body program” for the Japanese Association of Singapore members

Kaori’s interest in spiritual healing developed significantly in Singapore and she spent more time studying Reiki, Aromatherapy,Yoga, Meditation,  and more recently Tibetan Singing bowl therapy so that her teaching could incorporate both physical and emotional healing components

Kaori now delivers wellbeing programs blending techniques from pilates, core conditioning, reiki, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and singing bowl philosophies tailored to an individual’s personal spiritual, physical, health and emotional needs 

Kaori is passionate about heath, beauty, spirituality, nature, travel, food and life in general. Kaori constantly participates in many other workshop modalities to deepen and improve her knowledge and skills in the holistic realm. 


Pilates and Beauty method

1995, Beauty Skin Demonstrator by Sakina, Tokyo
2003 Mat Pilates Instructor by FTP, Tokyo
2004,Core-trainer, Japan Core-conditioning Association, Tokyo
2006,Head Spa therapist, Royal Therapist Association, Tokyo

Training and Meditation

2003, Usui Reiki Level 3 by Voltex, Japan
2012, Angelic Meditation by Hilda Joosa Vincent, Singapore
2013, Kundalini Reiki Master by Shirley Tay, Singapore
2014,Komyo Reiki Okuden by Akiko Igarashi, Singapore
2014, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy by Akiko Igarashi, Singapore
2014, Yoga, Meditation and Singing Bowls Retreat by Akiko Igarashi, Turkey
2015, Meditation Retreats by Tobi Warzinek, Thailand
2015, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy by Akiko Igarashi, Singapore
2016, Akashic Record, Channelling Level 1, Desiree Duclos,  Singapore
2016, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy by Akiko Igarashi, Thailand
2017, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy for Yoga teacher by Akiko Igarashi, Singapore
2018 ,Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy for Sima healing Akiko Igarashi, Singapore
2018, Meditation Retreats by Tobi Warzinek, Thailand
2018 , Usui Reiki Master by Voltex, Japan
2019, Special Care Series workshop using Iyengar yoga by Trisno Widiyanto, Singapore
2019, Tibetan Singing Bowls for Yoga teacher by Akiko Igarashi, Singapore



I started with Pilates for health but under the guidance of Ms. Tanaka, now it is totally part of my life.
Ms. Tanaka’s lesson is attractive with a polite and easy-to-understand explanation. By focusing on the awareness and trimming the inner muscle by uniting the mind and body, you not only get the balance of the body but also a high refreshing effect. I would recommend it to those who are busy everyday. “


— Top Nail artist Eriko Kurosaki - 2005
I realize that Kaori’s Pilates lesson is really wonderful. I feel relieved as soon as the lesson started with a mellow voice. As the lesson is relaxed, energy is filled at the same time. It’s an hour in no time. But it has about 5 hours of effect! Exercises that captured my attention are also very attractive. I feel that my body will be reset properly guided. Both mind and body are good so we recommend you to anyone!


— emgallery Emiko Nakamura - 2017
I have been learning Pilates from Kaori since 2011.
The lesson begins with the stretch pole that helps to relax my mind and
muscles as well as loosen my joints. This in turn enables me to do my Pilates
better thereafter. And to make it even better, I always get to choose the
essential oil Kaori offers which really helps to relax my mind and enjoy the
Kaori is meticulous and even makes the effort to jot down notes on me.
I love the fact that she always tailors my lessons according to my needs and
form during each lesson. And when she corrects my movements, she does it
in a gentle and encouraging manner that helps me to improve without feeling
stressed. It is no surprise therefore that I always look forward to my lesson
with her.
Kaori is passionate about Pilates and always learns new things to
improve her lessons. She has managed to weave Pilates into her way of life
and this has inspired me to see Pilates as an experience that I can enjoy to
enrich my well-being.


— Chen Woon Ng - 2017